The Stranglers - ‘Do You Wanna / Death and Night and Blood’

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"The message delivered, the men returned to Andros; and the Greeks, now that it was decided neither to continue the chase nor to sail to the Hellespont to break the bridges, invested the island with the intention of taking it. The Andrians were the first of the islanders to refuse Themistocles’ demand for money; he had put it to them that they would be unable to avoid paying, because the Athenians had the support of two powerful deities, one called ‘If-You-Please’ and the other ‘Oh-but-you-must’, and the Andrians replied that Athens was lucky to have two such useful gods, who were obviously responsible for her wealth and greatness; unfortunately, however, they themselves, in their small and inadequate island, also had two deities in permanent possession of their soil - and by no means such useful ones, for their names were ‘Haven’t-a-Penny’ and ‘Sorry-I-Can’t’."

- Herodotus, The Histories, Book Eight
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I Feel For You - Chaka Khan

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'The Day of Forever' Joe Brotherton & Jack Taffel photographed by Alasdair McLellan for AnOther Man S/S 2014  

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Love is the Drug - Roxy Music



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Bob Crow dies: RMT Union Leader dead at 52

RIP Bob :(